Tour overview

Tsum valley is one of the remotest and hidden valleys of Nepal’s, Manaslu region, located near to the Tibetan border, the views are perfectly amazing and breathtaking, Tsum valley trek offers to discover the Local people, Tibetan origin, ancient dialect, art, unique culture, and religion. 

The Tsum valley located in the northern- center part of the Manaslu region and open the route for trekking in 2008. It is the best trekking destination to feel the real trekking experience to the remote valley of a mysterious land, this trekking route offers the peaceful walk, beautiful nature, the best experience of trail walk which is also used as the trade route link with Tibet, unique culture and tradition of Tsumbas, practice of polyandry.

Tsum valley trek start and end from/to Arughat, Soti Khola after 9 hours’ drive from Kathmandu. We follow the Budhi Gandaki valley for the first half of the trek along with suspension bridge, dense forest, terraced field, small Gurung village, Alpine forest, glacial river, after passing the lower Budhi Gandaki valley, the main trail to Manaslu circuit, we can get a feeling of trekking into the hidden valley. The ethnic people offer great hospitality in their way and explore the ancient Gompas of the region, Rachen Gompa, Mu Gompa, Dephyudonma Goma, will make our trekking more exciting and unforgettable. 

The breathtaking views of mountains like Sringi Himal, Buddha Himal, Ganesh Himal, and Himalchuli will make the Tsum Valley trek unforgettable, the sunrise and sunset over the mountains can see from the sacred valley which is extremely soulful. Let’s take a break from a hectic life and enjoy your vacation by exploring Nature, culture, and adventure.

Best Season to for Tsum Valley Trek

Tsum Valley trek can be done from mid-September to early December and February to May is the best month for trekking in this area. Summer/Monsoon is the time of frequent rainfalls and high humid, landslide, slippery trail and bugs are the reason for difficulty while trekking in June, July, and August.

Winter (December to February) season is the time of extra challenging and thrilling, due to the extreme change in weather may bring some difficulties in the various section of the trail, the trail will be covered with thick snow and the temperature drops below -10 degree which means cold.

The best season to trek in Nepal is spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November), due to the best weather and climatic condition trekking experience will be joyful and memorable.

Highlights of Spring and Autumn Season

  • The temperature will be mild and stable during day and night
  • Trekking will be joyful and offers the best views of mountains
  • The skies will be crisp blue and avoid rainfall
  • The trail will be clean and dry after the end of the Monsoon season
  • Best trekking experience through the green lush and colorful forest, and enjoy the fresh cool breeze from the mountain.

Permit for Tsum Valley Trek

  • Special Permit

Mode of transportation for getting there and away

  • Private Jeep or Local Bus


  • Stunning landscape and vegetation of Gorkha district
  • Breathtaking views of mountains: like Sringi Himal, Buddha Himal, Ganesh Himal, and Himalchuli
  • Off-the -beaten-trail and peaceful trekking route
  • Exploration of unique culture, art, and tradition
  • Best experience of trekking through the oldest trade route, link with the Tibetan border.
  • Trek via the interesting and scenic dense forest, beautiful forest, suspension bridge, Budhi Gandaki Valley, Ascending and descending trail
  • The trail will be clean and dry after the end of the Monsoon season
  • Best trekking experience through the green lush and colorful forest, and enjoy the fresh cool breeze from the mountain.


Day 1: Kathmandu to Soti Khola Drive (9-10 hours- 700m)
Day 2: Trek to Machha Khola or Dovan (6-7 hours-930m)
Day 3: Trek to philim (6-7 hours-1590m)
Day 4: Trek to Lokpa (4-5 hours-2240m)
Day 5: Trek to Chumling (6-7 hours-2386m)
Day 6: Trek to Chekumpar (4-5 hours-3010m)
Day 7: Trek to Nile (5-6 hours-3361m)
Day 8: Trek to Mu Gompa & Back to Nile (3 hours-3361m)
Day 9: Trek to chumling (5-6 hours-2286m)
Day 10: Trek to Philim (6-7 hours-1590m)
Day 11: Trek to Khorla Besi (6-7 hours-970m)
Day 12: Trek to Soti Khola (6-7 hours-800m)
Day 13: Drive to Kathmandu (9 -10 hours)

Day 1: Kathmandu to Soti Khola Drive (9-10 hours- 700m)

We start our drive after early morning breakfast, the drive is long and bumpy up to northwest Soti Khola, Gorkha, the road is newly built from Arughat to Soti Khola, scenic and interesting drive will take us to Soti Khola, excitement will have abounded and the trekking route starts to begin.
Overnight at Soti Khola

Day 2: Soti Khola to Machha Khola or Dovan (6-7 hours-869m)

After early morning breakfast, we start our trek through crossing the suspension bridge and walk via beautiful sal forests, then ascend onto a ridge above huge rapids on the Budhi Gandaki. The ups and down trail offer beautiful views of waterfalls, rice terrace, and small Gurung village in Labubesi, the trail will be wide and drop to sandy river beds after ascending behind a rocky outcrop the follow the river alley and traverse to Machha Khola village.
Overnight at Machha khola or Dovan

Day 3: Trek to Philim (6-7 hours-2340m)

We leave after breakfast, we follow the narrow trail via ups and downs and eventually cross the Tharo Khola which lead us to Khorla Besi, we will reach to Tatopani, the pace of Natural Hot spring, we can take a tea break here and continue pace by ascending over the ridge by crossing the suspension bridge, after passing from Dohan, the ascending rugged trail will lead us to Duman and Yaru Khola.from here we ascend through the stairs to Tharo Bharyang. Then after crossing the west bank of Budhi Gandaki.
Overnight at Philim

Day 4: Trek to Lokpa (4-5 hours-1660m)

Overnight at Lokpa

Day 5: Trek to Chumling (6-7 hours-2386m)

After early morning breakfast, we will start trek via Ekle Bhatti and pine forest which offers the best views of waterfalls and green forest. The descending trail leads to Tsum valley, enjoy the view of Rhododendron forest, and mountains like Hiamalchuli, Buddha Himal from the small village Lokpa, from here the trail will descend towards Lungwa and reach to Gumlung after climbing few hours and after Siyar Khola we will reach to Chumling.
Overnight at Chumling

Day 6: Trek to Chekamapr (4-5 hours-3010m)

Today we cross the suspension bridge from the opposite bank, let's enjoy the stunning views of Ganesh Himal and continue to walk past Rainjam to Serpu Khola after crossing the suspension bridge we will reach to Gho village, few hours ascending through Tsum will take us to Chhokangparo village, the views are stunning from here: Himalchuli and Ganesh Himal
Overnight at Chokhangparo

Day 7: Trek to Nile (5-6 hours-3361m)

Today, we trek past Lamagaon by crossing a suspension bridge to the Rachen Gompa, Nunnery Gompa. After exploring the Gompa, continue trek by crossing the Sikhar Khola then small villages Lar, Phurbe, and Pangdun. On the way, we will pass through the Chhule village where we can see the old historic Stupa of Buddha. Then after a few climbs and crossing suspension bridges, we will reach the Nile.
Overnight at Nile

Day 8: Trek to Mu Gompa & Back to Nile (3 hours-3700m)

Today we are almost near to the Tibetan Border, we will follow the west bank of the valley through the Tibetan landscape and ascend to the Mu Gompa, let's explore the Mu Gompa and Dhephu Doma Gompa.
Overnight at Nile

Day 9: Trek to Chumling (5-6 hours-22386m)

Today we will continue trekking by enjoying the scenic landscape and descend to Chhokang Paro and Gho village, after crossing the suspension bridge over Sapru Khola we will trek along the lower Tsum valley which leads us to Chumling.
Overnight at Chumling

Day 10: Trek to Philim (6-7 hours-1570m)

Today we follow the trail via Lokpa, recalling the views and enjoying the descending trail will take us to Philim village.
Overnight at Philim

Day 11: Trek to Khorla Besi (6-7 hours-970m)

We will follow the trail via Jagat and Tatopani after a short descend from Sirdibas will take us to Jagat and Yaruphant, we can spend some moment at Tatopani, if interested. After some moment at Tatopani, we continue our pace to Khorla Besi.
Overnight at Khorla Besi

Day 12: Trek to Soti Khola (6-7 hours-700m)

Today we will trek along Tharo Khola, Machha Khola Village and Budhi Gandi riverside trail of Gurung village, Lapubesi, then pass the two waterfalls from a steep rocky trail and reach to Khursane, after crossing the ridge above Budhi Gandaki, Sal forest and then suspension bridge will finally take us to Soti Khola.

Day 13: Drive from Soti Khola to Kathmandu (9 -10 hours)

Drive back to Kathmandu along the banks of the Trishuli Khola, enjoy the splendid views of green hills, terrace farm, and small town, enjoy your evening at Kathmandu.
Overnight at Kathmandu